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BAM! You’re not here 30 seconds & boobs.
Every website should have random breasts.

Whenever Captain Picard used to say “On screen,” waiting to see some Klingon Destroyer or Nebula Explosion from the Bridge Bay Window, that image above is the only thing that should’ve popped up in front of him (besides his Space Boner).

Anyway, I’m a writer. My 1st book came out in January of 2013. It’s called Nostalgic For Death. You can read more about it on the My Book Page or Buy It at: NostalgicForDeath.com

I Created Movie ‘Splanations!, a Twitter Feed where I explain what your favorite movies are REALLY about and — until recently — provided all content for Family Matters Reviewed and Golden Girls Reviewed, where I posted hilarious (so I am told) weekly reviews (in chronological order) of those beloved/hated TV Shows.

I’m a Columnist at the Greatest Pro Wrestling Website in Existence: Wrestlecrap, where readers constantly complain (justifiably so) about how infrequent my contributions are.

I’m also Making a Movie & Accompanying Documentary.
If you like Movies, Knowledge & Boobs, find out how you can contribute to something never-before done in film by checking out the My Movie Page.

My writing has appeared in books, short story collections, magazines, newspapers and other periodicals & online.

Currently, I’m polishing a screenplay & writing my 1st Novel.

Why? Are you a busty stalker who just won the lottery?

Well then, here’s a bit more info for your Stalker Scrapbook:

My Fantasy League Match-ups:
Babe Ruth vs Andre the Giant on Slip-N-Slide

Sam Snead vs Andre Agassi at Chair Spinning
Joe Montana vs Wayne Gretzky on Craft Wars
Hulk Hogan vs Michael Jordan in Staring Contest
Bobby Fischer vs Muhammad Ali in Supermarket Sweep
Mike Tyson vs Pete Rose at (Drunken) Household Budgeting

Movies I Wish They Played More on TV:
Reefer Madness

Harvey with Jimmy Stewart 
The Razor’s Edge with Bill Murray  
Quick Change with Bill Murray, Randy Quaid & Geena Davis’ tits.

Oh, I almost forgot: When I was kid, I rode in the Bigfoot Monster Truck (’85 or ’86 – Omaha, NE). If anybody has an old VHS tape of that event, Drop Me a Line!
(I’m willing to pay *Big Bucks for a copy.)

*$3 (US).