Golden Urkel

Urkel Lives! and The Golden Girls, Reunite!

In the hearts & minds of Family Matters‘ & Golden Girls‘ fans, I mean.

And, for a while, in My Reviews @: Family Matters Reviewed!

AND @: Golden Girls Reviewed!

You’ll find – in chronological order – several seasons’ worth of Reviews at the sites above.

Sadly, writing gigs that paid real, actual dollars – which could be exchanged for things like electricity & weed – were being passed up so I could praise The Urk-man, feel humbled by Rose’s kindness, lust after Sweet, Hella-fine, delicious (I assume) Telma Hopkins, learn from Dorothy’s substitute teachings, make light of Future Judy’s dong-filled career, long for a plate of Sophia’s lasagna, bet on Carl’s weight-gain per season (using the metric system) & wonder about the number of Blanche’s STD’s.

However, I still maintain Twitter Feeds of Both Sites  (with screen grabs, links to reviews & photos), so:

“Don’t Fret, My Pet.”steve-urkel-costume-1


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