An article on how & why I became a wrestling fan originally appeared on the world-renowned Canadian Site Canoe, in the SLAM! Sports section: Nostalgic For Wrestling

I’ve written several pieces for Camel Clutch Blog:

I Hope Ric Flair is Still Wrestling at Age 80

6 Humble Suggestions for Vince McMahon

6 Demands of Vince McMahon

6 Wrestling Truths You Don’t Want to Hear, Part 1

6 Wrestling Truths You Don’t Want to Hear, Part 2

“Rewriting the Book” is a Column on Wrestlecrap that looks at a pro wrestling gimmick, storyline, character or event of yesteryear and asks “What If..?” it happened differently. The stories follow the change and tells the tale of the aftermath.

My serialized scenario asks: What If Hulk Hogan Never Left the AWA?

All 10 parts will soon be published on Wrestlecrap as one piece & will be offered as an eBook (which will include an unpublished prologue, epilogue and bonus chapter) as well.

I also contribute to another section on Wrestlecrap calledHeadliesand is like The Onion, but for pro wrestling.

Here are a few of my faux-news articles:

One Man Gang Takes on 8-Man Gang, Loses

Conquistadors Continue Not Living Up to Their Name

George Wells Still Jobbin’ & Frothin’ on the Indy Circuit

Lex Luger Still Mostly Unliked

Mr. Wonderful Regrets Not Choosing Mr. Perfect Nickname

Prisoners of Cobb County, GA Jail Fear Big Boss Man’s Ghost

Exclusive WCNewz Report: Jerry Lawler in Your Daughter’s Closet

S.D. Jones is Outside, Trying to Make a Special Delivery

King Kong Bundy Finally Admits to Killing Midget at WM3

The Barbarian Doesn’t Recall Starring in Conan Movie

Iron Sheik Unsure How to Humble Anyone Anymore

Gene Okerlund Tired of Unfair Moniker

To Pro Wrestlers Everywhere:

For Suffering the Pain…
When There’s Not Much to Gain.

For Sacrificing Your Health…
Without All the Wealth.

For the Memories and Miles…
And the Laughter and Smiles.

For Creating a World of Pretend…
As You Continue to Lose Friends

For Inspiring Hope in the Arena and at Home.
For Nights Away From Family, When You’re All Alone.

For Honorable Characters & Ones We Can Jeer.
For Flipping the Bird & Sharing a Beer.

For Training & Vitamins & Saying Your Prayers…
For Bulldogs & Expresses & All the Other Pairs.

For Making Magic-Out-of-Mayhem on Any Given Night…
For Enduring Real Injuries in a Choreographed Fight.

For Giants & Midgets & Divas as well.
For Cages & Chambers ‘til The Final Bell.

For the Words You Say & The Moves You Do…
And For All I Left Out: Thank You.